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TVRs have had various manufacturers' alarms installed over the years.


The early Griffith & Chimaera had the standard factory alarm which was often upgraded by the addition of a Gemini central locking control module.  A Gemini 1002 alarm/siren often accompanied this.  Later saw the installation of Foxguard alarms, then subsequently Meta alarms.  The early Meta alarms installed, consisted of the M99T (alarm) + M36T (immobiliser) and an M23 microwave.  For the Cerbera, the microwave was replaced by Ultrasonics.  The next generation of Meta alarm was then introduced, denoted by T2 after the product number, M99T2 + M36T2 + M23T/Ultrasonics.  They were pretty much the same in their workings with the exception of the M36T2, which had 2 circuits of immobilisation as opposed to 3, on the old unit.  Door check was also an added feature as was the new coded signal battery back-up siren.


The latest generation of Meta alarms is the HPA range.  And, as the M99T/2 range of systems are no longer available (with the exception of the M36T2), these are used on the installation of new or replacement systems. The HPAT alarm, retains the original functionality of the Meta TVR alarm as well as offering new advanced features, such as boot release.




  • Two button anti-scan, anti-grab transmitters (Optional Opel Key conversion)

  • Coded battery back-up siren, 120dB

  • Boot Release Interface, vehicle specific

  • Flashing indicators

  • Diagnostic flashing LED

  • Remote central door locking

  • Emergency override code (customised)

  • Boot, bonnet and door protection (vehicle build dependent)

  • Immobilisation via HPA single circuit or harnessed with M36T2

  • Door check sequence

  • Ultrasonic or microwave (for convertible) interior protection - can be omitted

  • Max 10 cycle run on each circuit

  • Compatible with new or existing M36T2

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