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"Replaced the 2x relays in the footwell, car goes like a charm, many thanks for your professional help."


Stewart, New Zealand

"We were very pleased with your service thank you.  Kind regards."


Carl and Caroline Hayes

"Received parts yesterday and paired both units with no problem.  Thanks for the good service."



Listed below are details of common operating issues for TVRs, in relation to vehicle alarming and security.

Alarm not responding to transmitter

  • Transmitter battery low, may need replacing.

  • Batteries not in correct order of polarity.

  • Internal alignment peg of TVR Transmitter has broken - circuit board not lining up with button striker.

  • Transmitter faulty.

  • Micro-switch broken.

  • Car battery low or flat – there is not enough charge to respond to transmitter.

  • Local communication masts quashing signal - car may require towing away from area.

Short range with transmitter

  • Low transmitter battery.

  • RF circuit board on alarm ECU deteriorated.

  • Alarm aerial shielded or disconnected (HPA).

Central locking bouncing

  • Door not closed correctly.

  • Door pin switch faulty.

  • Door pin striker missing, not pushing pin switch in (Griffith).

  • Faulty or seized central locking motor.

  • Faulty central locking control module.

Alarm beeps on arming

  • Boot, bonnet or door circuit sitting at earth on arming.  M99T2 only.

  • Vehicles with an interior light delay can cause the alarm to produce beeps upon arming.  Should the interior light be fully extinguished upon arming, NO beeps are produced.

Transmitter will not switch immobiliser off

The alarm will respond but not the immobiliser.  Dallas key will switch immobiliser off but not the transmitter.

  • Often the case when the vehicle battery has gone flat.  Disconnect the car battery, or alarm ECU if accessible, then reconnect after a few minutes.  Have a transmitter to hand on reconnection, as the alarm will come on in the armed state.  Method occasionally known to solve issue.

  • Corrupt immobiliser, communication has been lost.  Usually down to jump starting of vehicle.

  • Power feed to immobiliser lost, receptacle not flashing, check fuse.